Bathroom Design

Recent trends in bathroom design include large showers, frameless glass, and plenty of natural light which can be accomplished by adding windows and/or skylights. Over 40% of recent bathroom remodels eliminated the tub and replaced it with a large shower. Showers can become spa-like with multiple sprays and rain showers.
Incorporating "Universal Design" into a bathroom remodel can be very beneficial, both now and at a later date. Universal design is an approach to design that is usable by everyone, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation later. A bathroom with universal design is always a plus at resale. With that in  mind, eliminating tubs and replacing them with showers, using non-slick tile, adding grab bars and/or seats can be done while making the space both more functional and eye-appealing. Steps can also be made during the remodel process for the future such as including backing for adding grab bars later. Accessible features can be implemented that both look attractive and serve a wide range of needs. A shower without a threshold can be good for children and wheelchair users. Some wheelchair manufacturers have specific shower wheelchairs that are made to handle the water. Using a wheelchair in a shower does require more space. As you see in the photos here, the shower door was eliminated. With a larger shower, a door is not always needed which also allows for more space.
The photos show a recent remodel that I did where the client desired a designer look while accommodating a wheelchair user by replacing the seldom-used whirlpool tub with a large shower without a threshold. Note the slidebar with a hand-held shower in addition to the rain shower above. Two built-in niches were included at both an average and low height. The client wished to retain the original vanity in order to maintain uniformity of the wood throughout the home. My cabinet maker added new doors and hardware and also the granite top with double under-mount sinks. The granite was carried over onto the shower ledges. The frameless glass is low-iron glass which reduces the green tint found in regular glass, giving it more clarity.